I believe in fairy tales

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So, I've been on a Harvest Moon kick, which includes, of course... raiding Pixiv!

I am a horrible person who didn't get the names of these artists, feel free to slap me. I got them from Pixiv, they are not mine, do not claim them as your own, etc... just look at them for amusement (and sometimes the lulz)

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I believe in fairy tales

Writer's Block: My Journey

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

Walt Disney World.
Disneyland Paris.
Hong Kong Disneyland.
Tokyo Disneyland.
Tokyo Disney Sea.
... and probably that resort that they're opening in Hawaii.

What, did you expect a serious answer from me?!
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Let's (Sort of) Play Harvest Moon DS Cute!

So, my home is normally in Mineral Town. But I thought I'd try to venture into the wide world of Forget-Me-Not Valley. I had tried as a boy before, but... I don't know, I just think being a girl is more fun~

So, "Stephi" has started a farm called Lily Farm. I have brought with me my two guides-- a dog and cat aptly named Virgil and Bea (short for Beatrice).

Time to set up a farm, get rich, and maybe find true love!

Ignore the links that the pictures lead to, I'm just too lazy to do proper HTML tonight.

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My Broken OTP

PM Doujinshi

kuroshiro_neko has been kind enough to put up the Princess Maker doujinshi I've been working on.
The title and first two pages are up, and I'm working on the third now. It's called "Vengeance", not to get mixed up with Doodles' comic about Olive and the Dragon Youth.

Argh... I miss PM5 RP so much. I mean, I can do an okay Gateau-- but I really want to find a Gateau to my Musume, you know?

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Meme Thing

I have another comic to upload tonight, woo!

For now, though, a meme stolen from the Blue Burger King.

Three names you go by
❶ Stephanie
❷ Kaze
❸ Bugs

Three names you have had
❶ Sailor Storm (lol wut)
❷ Angel (LAWLZ)
❸ Snow White

Three things you like about yourself
❶ Rosy cheeks
❷ Lips
❸ Short height

Three things you don't like about yourself
❶ Short eyelashes (bawwww)
❷ Flat bum 8<

Three parts of your heritage
❶ English
❷ Irish
❸ Scottish

Three things that scare you (or mostly creep you out)
❶ Screamers >o<
❷ Scorpions
❸ Earthquakes

Three of your everyday essentials
❶ Mechanical pencil
❷ Blue mascara
❸ Polka-dotted purse

Three things you are wearing right now
❶ Friendship bracelets
❷ Teal shirt
❸ Obnoxiously-patterned underwear

Three of your favorite bands (or artists at the moment)
❶ JAM Project
❷ Electric Light Orchestra
❸ E-Type

Three of your favorite songs at the moment
❶ Twilight by ELO
❷ Run Devil Run by SNSD
❸ Bang! by After School

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months
❸ Get my own apartment *w*

Three things you want in a relationship
❶ SOME confidence (awkward nerds are A-OK, though)
❷ Romance
❸ Someone who doesn't mind my love of childish things

Two truths and a lie
❶ I want to be a beautiful bride
❷ I'm not a jealous person
❸ I love kids

Three physical things about the opposite sex (or same) that appeal to you
❶ Tall~
❷ Older
❸ Nice dresser

Three things you just can't do
❶ Hide my emotions
❷ Run 8D;
❸ Clean

Three of your hobbies
❶ Draw
❸ Shopping >w<; (it's a bad one)

Three things you want to do really badly right now
❶ Dress up in a bunch of colorful accessories
❷ Dance like no one is watching
❸ Get a back massage

Three careers you're considering
❶ Teacher
❷ Author / Artist / Comic Artist (lol I WISH)
❸ Going back to Disney

Three places you want to go on vacation
❶ Any Disney park
❷ Paris
❸ Ocean City, MD

Three kids names
❶ Alexander
❷ Elisabeth
❸ Olivia

Three things you want to do before you die
❶ Get married
❷ See a takarazuka performance *o*
❸ Go to some exclusive Disney event for big-shots (like a D23 meeting or a stock-holders meeting or... ooooh, Club 33!!)
My Broken OTP

Writer's Block: Forgive and forget?

Has someone you loved and respected ever done something you consider despicable? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you try to forgive them? Did it permanently change your feelings for them?

Appropriate icon is appropriate.

I hold grudges. Ask Jesus (friend from college), one of her most frequent suggestions to me was to 'stop holding grudges'. I'm bitter. ^^;

But, after awhile... I try. I really do try. It's always good to forgive, and even if I hold grudges-- I at least try to be polite. I like making people happy, and grudges get in the way of that!

But... sometimes, in certain situations... even if I want to forgive someone, my insides hurt so badly when I'm around them! Sometimes I even want to cry. I guess that's my heart saying that I'm not ready, even though my brain is trying to say, "Hey, you're over this."


I believe in fairy tales

Stepping on Roses

I've been reading the sweetest manga! I bought the first volume in Barnes and Noble, and now I'm reading more of it online. It's called "Hadashi de Bara wo Fume" -- it's been localized as Stepping on Roses.

It's about this incredibly poor girl who marries a rich, but kind of scary man named Soichiro because he promises her all the money she could ever want so she can take care of her stupid brother and all the orphans he keeps on bringing home.

I'm reading it, of course, for his sweet and somewhat-silly butler Komai. He's so cute! Even though he's a blonde, with the black and white of the pages he looks kind of like Raphael (hee-hee)! He does silly things like impersonate two women in high society so Sumi (the main character) knows how to act and... oh man it's just priceless. Ahhh, I wish he'd get some love! D8 Why does Sumi have to be all secretly in love with her husband's best friend? WHY CAN'T IT BE THE ADORABLE BUTLER? Sigghhh...

So, yes, it's cheesy (but aren't a LOT of manga romances?) but it's really cute! >w< I hope she and her husband fall in love, though, I don't really like his best friend. 8| Anyone that starts embracing his best friend's wife can't be so great of a guy. >>

EDIT: AHHHH! Soichiro-- Komai-- you two are scheming! I can't believe you did that!! Ahhh, Komai, you're so loyal to your Dannasamaaaa~~~ but he's so mean >o<; ahhhh... are you maybe in love with him? o-o ... Dannasama and shitsuji... *o* ... Wait, wrong manga.
That's Kuroshitsuji.
Kekekekeke. >3

(Still, you shouldn't lecture poor Sumi, though! She's your OJOUSAMAAAAAA)
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